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About Us

We are committed to providing you with the best services possible. We use the latest technologies and continually receive real-time updates to our tax software. Those tools allow us to use e-file to get your tax refunds processed in a timely manner.

Authorized IRS E-File Provider

We offer free e-filing with the IRS or IRS filing by mail.  Many of our clients choose a free IRS option and
pay a tax preparation fee to our firm.  The IRS option allows our customers to save money on bank transmisson fees, e-filing fees and finance charges.  Clients who are entitled to, can expect a refund from the IRS within 8-15 days if e-filed or 4-6 weeks if mailed.  Clients have the option of receiving refunds by direct-deposit or by check regular mail.

Bank Products

We also offer bank products for clients who are in need of there tax refund in an expedited manner.  Our Refund Transfer Option allows clients who are entitled to a refund to receive such within 8-15 days.  This option allows clients to save on their out-of-pocket tax preparation fees.  The client will incur bank trasmission fees, e-filing fees, and finance charges.  Provided that the client does not owe another bank for previous year filing, this option is best suited for those who prefer their fees to be deducted from their proposed refund. 

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